Welcome to Thomas Lowry, LLC.

Here we are dedicated to creating individual, custom pieces of furniture that will become an integral part of your every day way of life and a key ingredient to the way your home functions.

We craft all of our furniture from solid American hardwoods, employing traditional methods of fabrication, joinery and finishing.

Our designs are simple, that's the point.  We bring warm,  natural elements into your Modern home and clean, crafted lines into your rustic, homemade dwelling.

Please explore the initial pieces introduced with this website and let us know what you need to bring Thomas Lowry into your home.

Our Story

Thomas Lowry, LLC was conceived about 45 years ago when Thomas' high school orchestra director asked him, "Do you know anyone who can build a harpsichord?"...Tom's reply..."Sure!... I can!"

Since that time, Thomas' career has included harpsichord builder, carpenter, musician, cabinet maker, furniture maker, project manager, architect, store owner, organic market farmer,  father of two beautiful children, and husband of 39 years.


The furniture presented here is the culmination of all those years of varied experience, distilled down to a very simple expression of form, balance, proportion, line, texture, and function. 

This is just a start.  We are introducing The Coffee Table now, but soon, offerings will include: The Kitchen Table, The Dining Table, The Bench, The Sofa Table, The Desk, and more.